Full Version: Skopelos kayaking video
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Yasou oloi

Here is a video I took while kayaking around Skopelos last week.  8)
Hope you enjoy it
Very nice !  Wink 
Beautiful!! that cave looks fantastic man!!! I don't know about Skopelos but here in Crete I paddled close to the rocks last week and attempted to go in a cave but it was full of small flying insects  like mosquitos or something...grose!!!
No mosquitoes, well not at the moment any way!! Did disturb a pigeon that made me jump  ;D
Pigeons I don't mind....what a strange place to nest though!! Big Grin
Nice video makes me dreaming paddling there
Thanks Davelis, your welcome to join us any time  Wink
That's it,
i'm coming!
Maybe now, maybe later but i'm coming for sure.
I want to do the whole Sporades, are you in?
Yes count me in! I am running an expedition to Alonissos and Kyria Panagia in September, im also hoping to get across to explore Skiathos at the end of the summer  Smile
Gardennorm, post a little bit more on this expedition as you might end up with more paddlers Smile
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