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Hi all,
This winter I thought it would be a good idea to have a go at building my own sea kayak.
After some internet research I found a website where I could buy plans or even the complete kit, the site is I chose the Night heron, stitch and Glue plans.
It says the build time is about 7 days, it took me nearly 2 months!!  :o I guess 7 days is possible if you buy the complete pack.
It was a very enjoyable build, not too complicated but it takes time to make sure all the pieces are cut correctly, then they need gluing and everything covered with polyester.
The only ply wood I could find on Skopelos was normal for indoor use, so i made extra sure it was completely covered with polyester and resin and finally a good quality polyurethane paint.
Ive used the kayak many times and in high winds and 3 meter sea to see how well it performs, I love it  ;D
Making it from plywood means it has very hard chines, this is an advantage because simply edging the kayak means I can go where ever I want without changing my paddle stroke.
It is very stable which I did not expect as the kayak is only 51 cm wide and 5.5m long, and feels really fast.
Here are the photos of the build and the finished kayak, if you have any questions just ask..  Smile
The first pics are of the hull and deck being assembled.
Here are the photos of the polyester being done  ;D
These photos show the deck and cockpit coaming being made.
These photos are of the deck and hull being joined together, this was quite difficult to make sure it was glued together properly before removing the wire stitches.
I glued as much as I could and then added polyester to the outside, when this has set i turned the kayak on its side and poured resin along the join and then added a thin strip of polyester, the smell inside the kayak was very strong!!  :o i ended up with a thin paint brush on the end of a stick to try and reach the ends of the kayak!
Making the rear deck hatch took a long time because i had to cut quite a few pieces in different shapes and then clean them and glue them. But it works really well.  8)
Now it was time to add the primer and paint, this took a long time because I could only add 1 coat a day and the deck had 8 coats, i then waited for 4 days for the paint to get hard before turning the boat over and adding another 8 coats to the hull!!  :o I rubbed the kayak down with 600 wet and dry between each coat of paint!  ??? a lot of work but it was worth it to get a good finish..  Big Grin
Heres the photos
Now to make the seat! I researched on the internet and thought this was the best solution.
I built a bow the same width that i wanted the seat, then filled a bag with concrete, put it in the box and sat on it...  :o
This gave me a perfect mold of my bum!! i painted this to stop the dust and then covered it with cling film and then put polyester, the cling film made sure the polyester did not stick to the concrete, if it did i would end up with a very heavy kayak!!  :o
final job was fitting the deck lines and then it was time to see if it floats!!!  :o
And it does!!! ;D
A lot of work but very enjoyable and the kayak is a real pleasure to paddle. If any of you are near Skopelos at any time let me know and your welcome to have a go!  Smile
Great work Neil, how much it cost you the whole process?

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