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Hi Stelios,
The cost of the materials including the plans was about 750€, I think I can lower this cost a little with a more careful choice of suppliers!!
I agree with Stelios, grate job. The design, the Night Heron is fantastic. I fall in love with it when i start looking for plans to build. It is very clever the trick with the concrete.
How heavy it is?
Neil, how easy you think is to alter the design and add for example a day hatch?

Also what is the height from the hull to the thigh brace?
The question is addressed to Neil but I take the opportunity to answer. The modifications of this type as the day hatch is very easy, especially if you add comercial hathes. You must add third bulkhead and open up a hole.
You 're not change stractual part of the boat, instead this you add reinforcement with the bulkhead, unless you use minicell foam. This period of time i modify the foredeck of my boat to give more space to my feet. Generally the modifications are possible to these parts.
You must be more careful if you want to modify the hull or structural parts of the boat, like the bulkhead, the carlines, the stringers and so.

I must except from the above mentioned, the strip build, or pvc foam core, nomex  core boats that they achieves the stiffness of the structure by joining the hull and deck.
The height to the thigh braces is about 28cm, the cockpit area of this boat is comfortable for me and i am 1.85m tall. The cockpit being quite small makes it quite easy to connect with this boat for control and for rolling, the only thing I would say is my shoe size is a 43, if your feet are much bigger than this i think it would get uncomfortable.
Thanassis is correct, adding extra hatches would be quite easy, and although would add a little more weight would make the kayak stronger.
I did think of adding a day hatch in the fore deck as you can buy a simple kit, but instead I have added elastics to the inside of the deck above my legs, this allows for extra storage but you have to remove the spray deck to get to them.
I have learnt a lot from this build and will definitely do another next winter, many modifications can easily be done at the construction stage before fixing the deck and hull.
While researching this boat as the build was progressing there are many very good ideas for storage and fittings.
That's why i will modify the deck. The high at the center of the cocpit is exactly 26cm and the thigh brace area is 22cm because of the curvature (one panel deck). The new foredeck will be a 3 panel structure, almost like yours or something like the CLC Shearwater (i hope so).

Did you weight it?
Very nice boat and photos. I really liked the seat construction method.

If only I could find a mold of Shakira's butt I could make a fortune making after market kayak seats.  Wink
;D ;D
Why look for a mold ghostdog! Im sure if you asked nicely, Shakira would be happy to sit on a bag of wet concrete!! and dont forget you could sell the photos too!!!  8)  ;D  :Smile


Beautiful boat, great work! I wish I find the time in the future to build a stitch and glue boat, I think it s the best compromise between beauty, time to build and cost.
Un believable!!!

Great Job!!!

Look forward to meeting you man!
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