Full Version: Kayaking in boomers
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Yvonne caught these photos of me exploring a boomer in Skopelos when it went off big style!!  Wink
Amazing photos Neil!!! in the second one it seems as if you are about to get sucked in!!!!!
Thanks, it was great fun! in the second photo I was getting ready for a deep breath as all I could see was a wall of water heading my way!!  Big Grin
I have done a quick video on my facebook of this!
:o :o Big Grin oyaaaaou!!!
fantastic fotos..The waves is amazing
Thanks Kayak  Big Grin
I have been building my own sea kayak through the winter and will add a new topic with the photos and information  Smile
Very interesting. Is it SOF or a wood/plywood core?
Its plywood covered in Polyester, (fiberglass) and then painted.
I hope to get the post up this evening.  Smile