Full Version: Autumn expedition to the Sporades
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Hi all, after a great first summer running sea kayaking trips around Skopelos we ended by doing a small expedition circumnavigating Alonissos and Skopelos, this was great fun and very popular, we will be doing more of these trips next summer, details will be posted to our web site and facebook pages soon.
Im thinking of doing one of these trips in October 2012 before the weather breaks for the winter.
If any one is interested please let me know and if you have preferred dates add this too.
We can do a 6 night trip or do something shorter just going around Skopelos.
Have you done the trip yet?
I will have some time starting Monday 29.
What sea kayaks do you have?
Not done anything yet, its a shame because the weather here is stunning.
Im free to go when ever, if your interested.
Ive got 1 YSAK, 4 Reval midis from Tahe marine and 2 Lifestyle 500's from Tahe marine.
The Ysak and the midi's are good kayaks for this trip, the guys that used these kayaks in September when we did the circumnavigations really enjoyed them!
Let me know if you would like to do something
My main problem is how to get there.
there's no ferry connection with Piraeus or Lavrio and i'm not sure there's a connection from Ag. Kon/nos port now.
I could drive to St. George's village right opposite to Skiathos and paddle from there
but i don't know if there is a safe place to leave the car.
Do you know anything about that?
In anycase, weather permitting, i will propably do some multi day trip next week, could be Sporades or could be Marathonas - Mykonos.
We keep in touch
The only ferries now are from Volos.
It is looking like it is going to be to difficult.
Im thinking of doing something starting from the Volos area and then heading out to the islands in the spring, probably April.
This would give me the winter to check suitable departure points where we can leave vehicles safely.
Ill work on this and if it sounds more interesting let me know.
Enjoy your trip next week.  Wink